Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System


DEWATS is a domestic decentralized low maintenance sewer waste water treatment system developed by Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA), Germany specifically for developing countries. It is promoted by CDD (Consortium of DEWATs Dissemination), Bengaluru and its partners in India.

Our DEWATS Projects

• Installation of DEWATs system (15000 litres cap.) for Kadi Municipality, Gujarat with financial support of World Bank, India.
• Design for 40000 Litre per day treatment of wastewater from sanitation block in Samarpan Ashram, Dandi
• Design of 48000 litre capacity wastewater treatment system at Parvatinandan residential complex, Sarkhej, Ahmedabad
• Design of DEWATS system for IIM, Udaipur. (330000 litres/day)

Services for DEWATS

• Design & Planning, Turnkey Services
• Service contracts for O & M for urban local bodies and institutions.

The Process

Settler Tank
* Sedimentation tank stabilizing settled sludge by anaerobic digestion
* Dissolved and suspended matter leave tank untreated
* Removal of COD 20-25%, BOD 15-20%, TSS 50-55%
Horizontal Baffled Reactor
* Anaerobic degradation of suspended and dissolved solids
* 2-5 chambers depending of treatment required
* Removal of COD 25-30%, BOD 30-35%, TSS 10-15% COD removal 65-90%
Anaerobic Filter
* Water passes through filter media
* Enhance digestion of organic matter
* Removal of COD 20-25%, BOD 15-20%, TSS 15-20%
Constructed Wetlands
* Open shallow basin filled with gravel/pebbles to support growth of plant/reeds with shallow roots
* Reduces organic contents and act as filter mechanism
* Removal of COD 15-20%, BOD 20-25%, TSS 5-10%
Polishing Pond
* Open shallow basin fore removal of stabilized or inactive suspended substances
* Exposure to UV rays
* Removes odor and pathogens