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June 30, 2014
Prefabricated Waste Water Recycling Units
June 25, 2015

Bio Toilet

Management of Sewage waste and its treatment is a major issue in India.  Untreated sewage waste  causes major  health and environmental issues when disposed in open or in land and water bodies. Moreover, piped networks for transportation of waste from every premise requires huge costs for infrastructure set up.

Bio Toilet is a solution offering in-situ  sewer waste  management  and treatment . It is an enzyme based treatment system preventing accumulation of sludge, scum, grease and other organic solids, there by eliminating carry over odor in tank and reduces need for pumping. The enzymes are very active promote degrading of complex organics. Every time the waste water flows over the enzyme pack, the pack releases enzymes into water which begin digestion of waste, converting them into carbon dioxide and other natural gases.


  • In–situ waste treatment
  • No hassle of piped network connection for disposal
  • No need of other components like septic tanks, soak pits etc
  • Suitable for rural as well as urban areas
  • Highly suitable for  residential and commercial places , camp sites, public events, hilly and other areas with no piped sewer network etc


  • Toilet Unit – (single, twin, cluster)
  • Treatment tank
  • Necessary enzyme feed


Bio Toilet   Bio toilet 4