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June 25, 2015
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July 22, 2015

Home Compost Pots


Waste Management and its recycling is one of the greatest challenges today. By composting green waste or organic waste at household or community level, we can play crucial step in reducing garbage volume sent to dumping sites for disposal.

Green or organic waste including kitchen waste and garden waste is good source for producing compost. It is biodegradable and decays and converts into useful compost.

Traditional composting has been done in a pit in garden. However in urban areas, garden may not be a viable option for all. Hence composting through pots at home or collective composting at community level is possible solution.

Envibe offers varied ranges of compost units for household and community level composting. All you needs is segregating organic/green waste at your home and put it in compost units with some accelerator and see the results.

Note: You can also upcycle other waste materials at home like plastic bottles, metal tins, glass bottles, magazines and newspapers etc and create utility and art pieces out of it. Just refer ENVIBE’s upcycled products section.



Home Compost Pots

  • They have been designed to consume less space
  • Made of terracotta
  • Available in modular form
  • Lighter in lifting and managing
  • Fits into balconies as well
  • Can cater up to 1 kg of waste daily
  • Each lot of compost is ready every 1-1.5 months after pots are completely filled.
  • These are leave it pots, with manual stirring and shifting of units when filled.
  • 3 tiered Small Pots available for family of 1-3 persons (290 mm diameter and 880 mm total height)
  • 3 tiered Large pots for family of 4-5 persons (375 mm diameter and 1080 mm height)
  • 4 tiered Large pots for family of 4-5 person for ease in lifting ((375 mm diameter and 1080 mm height)
  • 3 tiered Nano Pots specifically for kids (150 mm diameter and 390 mm height)
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