Environment Education

envibe environment education

Human being is inseparable from the environment. Whatever we do to the environment comes back to us in one way or the other. Envibe’s education programmes make kids learn about their inseparable connection to the planet through various forms of indoor and outdoor fun-learning activities. Our environment education programmes are designed in away that they inspire action.

Through the environment programme, students learn:
1) About nature, the workings of environment and about different components of the environment.
2) The impact of our actions to the environment.

Environment education must strive to build a bridge between biology and technology. Envibe’s programmes are of an interdisciplinary nature, kids learn about various physical, chemical, biological as well as socio-cultural aspects of the environment.

We teach about sustainable development, i.e. economic development without degrading the environment.

We work close with the schools. Our education programmes are carefully designed around the syllabus of the Indian boards.