Rain Water Harvesting

  Why Rain Water Harvesting

Increased water demand due to changing life style has created an acute water scarcity situation. There is excessive ground water depletion also. The increasing demand – supply gap is met by expensive means like external water supply tankers, drilling and deepening of new bore wells, etc. This has threatened sustainability of ground water. Moreover, in certain areas, ground water extraction is carried out at much higher rate than nature can replenish it through rainwater.

Rain water harvesting and recharging directly address the following issues:

  • Enhances the sustainable yield in areas where over development has depleted the aquifer.
  • Conservation and storage of excess surface water for future requirements.
  • Improve the quality of existing ground water through dilution
  • Availability of potable drinking water in areas with issues like salinity, high TDS, water contamination etc


  • Water harvesting and recharging systems at residential, commercial, institutions and industrial levels.
  • Services in rural and urban areas.
  • Services including  feasibility study, technical design and monitoring for implementation

  rainwater harvesting